A Very Small Business version


This game contains explicit adult content including, but not limited to, partial and total nudity, static and animated depictions of sexual acts, ranging from traditional to anal, fingering cunnilingus, TITS FLASHING, PUSSY FLASHING and more, presented from a distance or in closeup, with or without display of body fluids!

You must be at legal age to play this game!


I’m currently developing A Very Small Business, where you play as a young man who is managing a very small business from home, trying to make enough money to move his business to a new level.

As you were too focused on developing your business, you overlooked your relationship with your girlfriend, Laura. You've just realized that and you want to take urgent measures to restore it. She is still living with you, but she is so close to leave.

Find the right work-life balance!
Do that and save $50,000 to win the game!

Game info

Date: November 18th, 2017
Language: English, German and Spanish
Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP 1, Windows Vista SP 2
Game type: Business Simulation, Life Simulation, 2D Game, 3D Computer Graphics, Adult Game
License: Feedback-ware. You are free to play this game as much as you want, but you are invited to send me some feedback.

Have a talk in the morning

Nipple tease

Visit the Yoga Studio
Expect surprises at the library

And keep an eye on Hannah