A Very Small Business version


This game contains explicit adult content including, but not limited to, partial and total nudity, static and animated depictions of sexual acts, ranging from traditional to anal, fingering cunnilingus and more, presented from a distance or in closeup, with or without display of body fluids!

You must be at legal age to play this game!


I’m currently developing A Very Small Business, where you play as a young man who is managing a very small business from home, trying to make enough money to move his business to a new level.

As you were too focused on developing your business, you overlooked your relationship with your girlfriend, Laura. You've just realized that and you want to take urgent measures to restore it. She is still living with you, but she is so close to leave.

Find the right work-life balance!
Do that and save $50,000 to win the game!

Game info

Date: September 4th, 2017
Language: English
Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP 1, Windows Vista SP 2
Game type: Life Simulation, Business Simulation, 2D Game, 3D Computer Graphics, Adult Game
License: Feedback-ware. You are free to play this game as much as you want, but you are invited to send me some feedback.


From installer:
  1. Download avsb-setup-
  2. Double click on avsb-setup- to start installation
  3. Double click on AVSB icon created by installer, to play the game.

From portable zip:
  1. Download avsb-
  2. Unpack avsb- to a convenient location
  3. (optional*) Double click on dotnet452websetup.exe inside Components folder, to install .Net 4.5.2
  4. (optional*) Double click on dxwebsetup.exe inside Components folder, to install required DirectX components
  5. Double click AVSB/GBGameWinDX.exe inside , to play the game
* You do not need the optional steps if you have the required components already installed.

For Linux:
It requires a graphic card that supports  OpenGL 3.0 and you have to have mono installed.
  1. Download and unpack tar.gz archive
  2. Install mono if you don't already have it installed
    sudo apt-get install mono-complete
  3. Run the game launching AVSB/GBGameDeskGL.exe with mono
    mono AVSB/GBGameDeskGL.exe 


Have a talk in the morning

Your inventory

Current achievements

Morning coffee

Watch her dance
Nipple tease

Furnish your extra room

Visit the Yoga Studio

How to play

Relationship with Laura

You can improve your relationship with Laura by talking to her, paying attention to her or doing things together. As your relationship improves, more intimate interactions become available.

Besides further improving the relationship, most interactions with Laura also improve your mood. Although some may consume your energy :).

As your relationship with her restores, it won't hurt to find yourself at your best physical condition so you can score some achievements.

Until you reach that point, there are a few things you need to remember:
  • always take the trash out! Every day! 
    Otherwise she would be pretty mad you ignored such a trivial chore.
  • do not try to talk to her after you just worked-out or took the trash out.
    She will refuse to talk to you until you shower!

Running your business

You are controlling your business right from your living-room. As part of your agreement with Laura,  you cannot have any inventory at home, so you opened a website selling products you buy from drop-shippers.
Calling them to negotiating contracts may lead to interesting offers. Based on your contract negotiating skills, they will offer you good discount if you buy large amounts of goods.

Feel free to refuse any offer where discounts seam too low!

Once you accept an offer, the goods become immediately available on your site. You may want to set the prices according to your own price policy.
Prices below market average will yield more sales, but you will gain less per sale, while prices above market average will yield less sales but at higher gain per sale.

Note: You will have to research the market from time to time, as average market prices fluctuate each week.

Once you set your prices according to your strategy, the only thing remaining to do is to manage your subscribers.

As for many websites, your subscribers are your main way to reach more people, have more sales and, possibly, reach people with higher budgets. Anyway, without them, your website will be forgotten.

There are two ways of managing subscribers:

  • one is marketing, which will increase the number of subscribers according to your Marketing Skill;
  • the other one is customer service, which will improve subscribers retention, according to your Customer Service Skill.

You can check the efficiency of each approach looking at customers status report.

Sales are computed every night and you get your money directly in your bank account.

Side note: If things go south with your business, you can make some money, maybe even enough to pay the rent, by looking for small project on your old area of expertise (your job before you started your business).

Actions, Time, Energy and Mood

Each day you wake up at 7:00 and can stay up until at 23:00. So each day you have 16 hours to act.

Most actions take 1 hour, few take 2 or 3 hours and some other few take no time at all. These ones are marked by a blue button, while the rest of the actions (those who take time) are marked with red buttons.

Besides requiring time, some actions also affect your energy level or your mood. Actions like eating, drinking coffee, sleeping or napping restore your energy, while working out, working and learning consume your energy.

In order to have more energy, you will need to have a good physical condition. So you may want to workout as much as possible in the early game, especially as energy restores each morning at a level dictated by your physical condition.

Note: Physical condition is a hidden statistic. You cannot see your current level, but you get notifications when it improves a level.

Like energy, mood is consumed for most work/learn activities, but unlike energy, it doesn't restore over night. Also, there is no way to increase your maximum mood level.
Anyway, most interactions with Laura improve your mood, while some actions like playing games or dancing convert energy into mood.


  • Fixed a number of bugs that made some game content to reset.
  • Fixed crash when trying quick-load before quick-saving any game.
  • Removed invitation to pick the new looks for Laura, as the poll is over.
  • No new content added!

  • FIXED Bug: sometimes all inventory items become balloons.
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes the suppliers list is empty.
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes the guests room resets to not-painted (and all furniture is gone).
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes the conversation about guests rooms resets.
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes the story of Joleene resets.
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes achievements are lost.
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes the yoga-studio topic resurrects even if you already visited it.
  • FIXED Bug: sometimes the counter for coffee/eat resets and you can do it more times than you should.
  • FIXED Bug: if you quick-load a game without quick-saving one first, the game crashes.
  • Removed invitation to pick the new looks for Laura, as the poll is over.